Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are a shoe style that slips on the foot in one piece – without laces, Velcro or other straps. Classic loafers originated in 1930s Scandinavia, and have evolved from a purely casual style, to a more formal choice of shoe style. Nowadays, there are many loafer fashions and loafer derivatives, including penny loafers. Particularly popular in the United States and United Kingdom, penny loafers, men loafers and women loafers can be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit worn with them.

History Of Penny Loafers

Penny loafers have an interesting stylistic history. Taken from the generic loafer design, and built upon, they were initially named Weejuns by a designer called John Bass. The ‘penny’ part of their name came into popular use due to the fact that the design included dangling embellishments on the front of the shoe, like tassels, beads and pennies.

Styles and Designs Of Penny Loafers

There are styles and sizes of penny loafer shoes made for kids, women and men; and there are also unisex styles available. Formerly, men wore penny loafers sans socks, and women wore them only with socks or stockings; now, however, it is perfectly acceptable for both sexes to mix it up – there are no hard and fast rules anymore. Children’s, women’s and men’s penny loafers come in an array of casual and formal styles, and are built for comfort. Common materials currently used for penny loafers include:

  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Leather sole
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabric and wool detailing

There are also eco-friendly materials out on the market, with penny loafers made from:

  • Cork for soles and detailing
  • Vegan leather alternatives like microfiber and PVC

The price of reasonably made penny loafers would start at around $40, but the better quality penny loafers would usually be from $80 onwards. Considering the high-quality materials used, these prices are not unwarranted.

Penny loafers are the ideal shoes for women to wear at work. Comfortable, whilst still stylish and professional, penny loafers for women are the best choice for healthy feet and posture. Depending on your personal style and work dress code, you can choose from informal designs, to the smooth, shiny leathers. If you have problem feet, coming home after a long day at work with sore, swollen feet, or even have some nagging lower back pain, penny loafers may be the footwear solution for you. Compared to wearing high heels, penny loafers for women can give you the following advantages.

Women’s Penny Loafers Compared To Heels

  • Encourage a natural posture
  • Allow the toes room to sit and spread, rather than bunch up, go numb and cause problems down the line
  • Make your feet feel good
  • Provide cushioning to the pads on the feet, especially helpful for those who are on their feet a lot
  • Tend to last longer than high heels, as heels break off from overuse and penny loafers are often well built

Womens penny loafers look equally great with jeans, work pants or a skirt. They are a very versatile wardrobe item, and are a fantastic shoe option for running your everyday errands, as well as walking, and working in.

Penny loafers do appear to be here to stay. They are an iconic, elegant and classic fashion mainstay, immune to whims and trends of the fashion industry.